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Peter Arnold van der Helm

Born (August 12, 1956) and raised in the Dutch village of Nieuwlande (Drenthe) that was honored,
in 1988, with a monument on Yad Vashem's Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations,
and in 2004, with the UN-endorsed International Award for Liveable Communities

Professional Education

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PhD Thesis (defended December 12, 1988)

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Invited Presentations


PhD Students

  • Rob van Lier
  •  —   Thesis (1996): Simplicity of visual shape, a structural information approach
  • Árpád Csathó
  •  —   Thesis (2005): The versatility of visual regularity
  • Gert van der Vloed
  •  —   Thesis (2005): The structure of visual regularities
  • Matthias Treder
  •  —   Thesis (2010): Symmetry in (inter)action

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