Raf Cluckers

ERC Consolidator Grant MOTMELSUM 2014 -- 2019

Université Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies
Laboratoire Painlevé, CNRS - UMR 8524
Cité Scientifique
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex (France)
Bureau: 314, building: M2
Secondary address:
Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory
Departement Wiskunde
Universiteit Leuven
Celestijnenlaan 200B
3001 Leuven (Belgium)
Bureau: 01.27
E-mail: Raf.Cluckers"at"math.univ-lille1.fr, Raf.Cluckers"at"wis.kuleuven.be
URL: http://math.univ-lille1.fr/~cluckers
TEL: 0032 16327025

Published papers and books:

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Preprints and notes:
  1. R. Cluckers, G. Comte, F. Loeser: Non-archimedean Yomdin-Gromov parametrizations and points of bounded height, arXiv:1404.1952.
  2. R. Cluckers, L. Lipshitz: Strictly Convergent Analytic Structures, submitted, arXiv:1312.5932.
  3. R. Cluckers, growing notes on Motivic integration and transfer principles, ETH Nachdiplom lectures spring 2014.
  4. R. Cluckers, F. Loeser: Motivic integration in all residue field characteristics for Henselian discretely valued fields of characteristic zero, to appear in J. für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, arXiv:1102.3832.
  5. R. Cluckers, J. Gordon, I. Halupczok: Integrability of oscillatory functions on local fields: transfer principles, to appear in Duke Math. J., arXiv:1111.4405.
  6. R. Cluckers, J. Gordon, I. Halupczok: Local integrability results in harmonic analysis on reductive groups in large positive characteristic, to appear in Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup., arXiv:1111.7057.
  7. R. Cluckers, J. Gordon, I. Halupczok: Motivic functions, integrability, and uniform in p bounds for orbital integrals, to appear in Electronic Research Announcements in Math. (ERA), arXiv:1309.0594.
  8. S.-W. Shin, N. Templier: Sato-Tate theorem for families and low-lying zeros of automorphic L-functions, with appendix A by R. Kottwitz and Appendix B by R. Cluckers, J. Gordon and I. Halupczok, submitted, arXiv:1208.1945.
  9. R. Cluckers, D. J. Miller: Uniform bounds on the decay of families of oscillatory integrals with a constructible amplitude function and a globally subanalytic phase function, submitted, arXiv:1304.6102.
  10. Abstracts and slides of some of my lectures.

Coming up soon:

  1. R. Cluckers, W. Veys: Uniform bounds for p-adic exponential sums.
  2. E. Hrushovski, B. Martin, S. Rideau: Zeta Functions from Definable Equivalence Relations. With an appendix "Rationality results for p-adic subanalytic equivalence relations" by R. Cluckers.
Organized Conferences:
  1. With J. Pila and T. Scanlon we organize the workshop Model Theory in Geometry and Arithmetic which will conclude the MSRI Spring 2014 semester program Model Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory.
  2. Together with A. Chambert-Loir, F. Loeser, J. Nicaise we organize a course on motivic integration in Oberwolfach to be held in 2013.
  3. Together with J. Nicaise and W. Veys we organized the conference Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Model Theory, in honor of Jan Denef, at the CIRM in Luminy, France, September 12 - 16 (2011).
  4. Together with A. Macintyre, J. Nicaise, and J. Sebag we organized the Workshop on Motivic Integration: Motivic Integration and its Interactions with Model Theory and Non-Archimedean Geometry May 12 - May 17, 2008, ICMS, 14, India Street, Edinburgh.

I started my Ph.D. studies in 1999 in Leuven under supervision of Prof. Dr. J. Denef, finishing in 2002. Since all chapters of the thesis are published in journals by now I recommend authors to refer to the published papers.

Curriculum Vitae: download my curriculum vitae and publication list as a pdf-file. (Last update: September 2013)

Current projects:

One of my most ambitious projects is to solve Igusa's 1974 conjecture on exponential sums. The conjecture describes p-adic exponential sums, i.e., exponential sums modulo powers of p, uniform in p.

For a general overview on motivic integration, see the slides on motivic integration of the series of talks by F. Loeser at the 2005 Seattle algebraic geometry meeting.

Visits and honors:

During the spring semester of 2014, I will give the Nachdiplom-Lectures at the ETH Zürich. I will be a MSRI Research Member in May 2014, Berkeley. I obtained an ERC Consolidator Grant with title "Motivic Mellin transforms and exponential sums through non-archimedean geometry" MOTMELSUM, 2014 -- 2019. The CNRS of France awarded me with a "prime d'excellence" in 2011. Students of the KU Leuven nominated me for best teaching assistant in math. I was a Marie Curie Fellow at the ENS in Paris for two years from 2003 on. Further, outside of mathematics, I won a first prize on the Belgian, national contest "Axion Classics" for classical piano for adolescents in 1994.

Personal items:

Look at my favorite pianist Andrew Hill's website. Other pianists I admire are Abdullah Ibrahim, the young Vijay Iyer, and for example the classical pianist Sviatoslav Richter (see All Music Guide ).

I accompanied on the piano, in his debuting years 1992 - 1997, Filip Jordens, who is now a professional actor and singer. At that time, we performed Jacques Brel, and he still often does. We were once guests in the studios of the national Belgian Radio 1 and we were once the warming up program for Arno.